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5 Tips to Having a Great Online Dating Experience

Are you unsure about getting into the online dating scene? If you’re hesitant or having second thoughts you’re not alone. The first time around it’s OK to make some mistakes. You’ll get better as it as you go along. I’m going to give you a place to start at that you can improve on over time as you getting into the ever increasing popular online dating scene. So here’s some useful tips that should help you along the way. 1. Be Honest. Don’t try to be anyone else than who you are. It can be very tempting to sugar coat the truth, but in time the truth will come out and you’re significant other will know. This can obviously cause a good relationship to wither and slowly end. Even a best case scenario of your lover being understanding of the inaccuracies can cause doubt about the relationship and trust issues. This is obviously not healthy for any long term relationship. By being yourself you won’t have to remember what you’ve said before and you’ll feel much better about the relationship as it progresses. 2. Use A Photo. You should submit one good photo of yourself to your profile. A photo on a profile can increase the views by up to 15 times compared to a profile that doesn’t have one. If you think about it it makes perfect sense. What would be the first thing that would stand out to you if you were browsing through thousands of profiles? A good photo! The lack of a photo will make other people wonder, and probably with good reason, why it’s not there. Putting a face to the name is a strong element and makes people remember you better. It automatically creates familiarity which is comforting to people visiting your profile. 3. Be Safe. Not everyone on the internet has honorable intentions for posting their information on an online dating website. Go with your gut whenever there is a questionable call on someone. Avoid using your real name whenever possible. Among other things you may want to avoid posting are your phone number, your address, and other personally identifiably information. These websites often have Block buttons as well, so be sure to use them if they’re there. 4. Be Nice. Due to some amount of anonymity people can sometimes be a lot ruder because they have the computer screen between themselves and you. They can say things they would never say to anyone if they were talking to them face to face. This is sometimes blamed on typing too fast, but being nice is always preferred over someone who’s pushy. A short polite message will also work better than a sharp one when telling someone you’re refusing their dating offer. 5. Enjoy Yourself. Good tends to attract good. So have fun with this brand new arena. The first couple of tries probably won’t get you that special someone, but that doesn’t mean the process can’t be fun. Don’t give up, keep at it, and enjoy it. In real life people don’t find their match the first few times out so don’t let it slow you down if things aren’t working out in the beginning. Online dating is a great way to meet new people and get new experiences. The convenience of email, online messengers, and other forms of online communication get you a multitude of ways to know someone better. These early conversations will take the awkwardness out of the first time meeting and make your next experience better than the first. By Michael A ScottRecent Articles By Michael A Scott

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